Brand yourself or your product without risking your personal info.

It's completely free.

Awesome and Cool Features

Privacy by Design - the old fashioned way.

Know what to give out, and don't give out anything you absolutely don't need to.

We believe you shouldn't have to give out and risk so much of your personally identifiable information, and engage in needless social networking just to showcase yourself or your brand or product and engage potential subscribers.

Showcase yourself, your brand, your product - all you want.

Create as many pages as you want and have fun with it!

Create and showcase your talent, product or brand. Post galleries of images and video links and show it to the world. Post frequent updates, but keep it short. Remember that most readers have very short span of attention!

Allow (or Disallow) Reader Feedback - it's up to you.

Make your page an FYI only or engage readers feedback.

If you allow feedback, anyone can leave it on your page without any registration. We believe that in most cases forcing readers to register in order to engage in your page will discourage them. But, don't worry. We do our best to filter any profanity, insults, personal attacks from random readers and attackers. Plus we give you the ability to delete any comments from your page that you don't like to show.

Engage Subscribers - Let the World come to you voluntarily.

Don't chase and spam your potential subscribers.

No one likes to be spammed or targeted with ads. By all means promote your page, but allow the visitors to choose for themselves if they want to be your subscribers. This is a voluntary opt-in service, which means your reders voluntarily subscribe to your page and ask to be updated anytime you update the page or add new info. And if they choose to become your customers or backers they can communicate with you directly using your publicly displayed feedback methods. Once you directly establish a communication with your subscribers it is up to you to take it further.